Classic Teddy Bear Basket (38)
¥ 791.17


American legend has it that over 100 years ago, President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear while out hunting, beginning a nationwide craze for toy bears that has lasted to this day. Our delightful basket includes seasonal, hand-picked flowers, a cute and cuddly Teddy Bear, and a box of chocolates. This charming basket is perfect for any occasion, guaranteed.

PLEASE NOTE: The colors and types of flowers and the design of a Teddy Bear may vary by country of delivery.


精品巧克力 $35 一盒精品巧克力

泰迪熊 $39泰迪熊

花束:当季鲜花 $75 当季鲜花花束

巧克力礼品组合 $75 巧克力礼品组合

水果篮 $89 当季水果礼篮

奶酪和饼干礼品组合 $89 奶酪和饼干美食组合

注意: 礼品包装类型根据递送地点和季节的不同有所不同。